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Life as an Artist

About Vikram Mohan:

Vikram Mohan is a distinguished dance practitioner, performance maker, researcher, and filmmaker with over two decades of enriching experience. His journey in the realm of dance has been marked by a profound exploration of organic and improvisational movement, leading to numerous accolades and international recognition.


  • Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar-2018 Recipient: Awarded by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, in the category of Contemporary Dance, recognizing his outstanding contributions.

  • Empanelment Artist: Recognized as an empanelled artist in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, showcasing his expertise and commitment to cultural exchange and enrichment.

  • Mahindra Excellence Theatre Awards Nominee: Garnered 8 nominations for his groundbreaking production "After Death: The Spiritual Journey" in 2016, demonstrating his prowess as a performance maker and choreographer.


International Engagements:

  • Global Collaborations: Spearheaded choreography collaborations in renowned international festivals such as the Harvest Festival in Venlo, Netherlands, and Mundial Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, showcasing his collaborative prowess across cultures.

  • Cross-Cultural Initiatives: Embarked on choreography projects like "Aakkashan," sponsored by the Australian government, emphasizing cross-cultural exchange and artistic dialogue.

  • Film Festival Success: Received acclaim for his short dance film "Stillness," which earned accolades in esteemed festivals like the 60 Seconds Dance on Screen Film Festival in Sweden, reflecting his innovative approach to dance on screen.

Artistic Endeavors:

  • Multifaceted Performer: Enthralling audiences as a performer, choreographer, and collaborator in prestigious festivals and venues worldwide, including Melaka Art and Performance Festival in Malaysia and Bandung International Art Festival in Indonesia.

  • Landmark Productions: Presented notable solo performances like "Meng Emosies" and "Dead Man in the House," captivating audiences with his emotive storytelling and nuanced movement.

Educational Contributions:

  • Founding Voxpop Dancers India: Established Voxpop Dancers India to nurture artistic talent, particularly among underprivileged children, offering training in various dance forms and aerial acrobatics, while also creating impactful contemporary dance performances.

  • Academic Engagements: Contributed as a visiting lecturer at esteemed institutions like the National School of Drama Delhi and Indian Film Television Institute Pune, imparting knowledge and expertise in choreography and performance arts.

Vikram Mohan's artistic journey is characterized by a deep-seated commitment to cultural exchange, artistic innovation, and nurturing the next generation of performers, making him a prominent figure in the global dance community.

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