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Stillness" short dance experimental film based on life

stillness with different different time, spaces, movement

and emotions.

The Point

The point representing paradox conversion where we start with a disagreement slowly convert into the emotional, realistic and unrealistic Debate. The metaphor of the conversation end without any getting point.


DHAN TE NAN cover song picturizations with State Institute of Film and Television Acting students

24 Taglines Halfway Home

24 Taglines half way home based on devastatingly exposing the fragmented personalities and broken images in disintegrated society. I try to portray middle class families crisis of identity and breakdown of communication in human relations and resultant tragic effect of boredom and despair constitute the theme. I take 24 taglines or words to make this film. Words or lines is like :- Identity, gender, loneliness, sensitive individual's desire, Marriage, what is missing my life, adolescent, fallowing path, do everything for us, is this me, all my wrights on you, sexuality and awareness, Frustration etc..

The Ancestors

This film based encounter with Ancestors. our Ancestors always with us. When we need their assistance we have to connect with our internal  universe. Then they will appear to guide and assist us. 

My Movement My Identity

My Movement My Identity Exploration and transformation of the self. this film comes from 10 days residency workshop in india. during the residency actors explorer self in different different sites improvised very organically and bering out there own identity.

American Vrindavan Peacock

"American Vrindavan Peacock" is a dance short film that blends traditional Indian dance with contemporary expression against the backdrop of serene natural landscapes. Through poetic choreography, dancers embody the grace and symbolism of the peacock, exploring themes of cultural fusion and spiritual beauty. Each movement unfolds like verses in a poem, weaving a narrative of harmony between human expression and the natural world. The film culminates in a celebration of cultural identity and the universal language of dance, inviting viewers on a sensory journey of beauty and spiritual resonance.

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